Pelvic Pain While Pregnant

PelvicPainTitlePhotoOne of the worst things I’ve ever experienced is pelvic pain while pregnant. My pain was so bad that I sometimes had to crawl to get around, and frequently had to call in reinforcements since I legitimately could not get out of my recliner.

Thankfully I didn’t get much pelvic pain until my 5th pregnancy, but when it showed up it was terrible! Read on to see how I manage my pelvic pain while pregnant.

What caused my pelvic pain while pregnant?

My 5th pregnancy was really hard on my body. My obstetrician diagnosed me with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, which very basically is when the tissue holding each side of the pubic bone together start to soften too early, causing the bones to mis-align and cause pain. Definitely not fun, especially when I had 4 other little boys to chase and care for every day.

pelvic pain while pregnant

Cats don’t care if you’re uncomfortable

For various reasons, I also had polyhydramnios, which is too much amniotic fluid. The normal range for this fluid is between 8-18 on the AFI (amniotic fluid index) scale, and a few times mine measured above 40!

I even had to have it drained a few times via an amniocentesis needle. They drained over 2 liters of fluid each time! The doctor estimated I had 7 liters of fluid in there when he delivered Baby Adam (and then he botched my tubal ligation, which you should totally read about).

Because of that excess fluid, the fact that Baby Adam was pretty large, and my SPD, I started getting pelvic pain pretty early on. I researched things I could do to help relieve what felt like a hammer and chisel being enthusiastically taken to my pelvis, and am happy to report that some of the methods really did help with the pain.

Proper Posture

I actually learned the importance of maintaining proper posture after I delivered my first baby. I used to fold one leg under myself on the couch when I was nursing him, which wasn’t good for the ligaments as they hardened back to their pre-pregnancy state.

The same idea applies while you are pregnant; as the ligaments and tissues soften to prepare for your baby’s eviction, they can cause all sorts of pain. Sitting as properly as possible will definitely help. Try not to sit cross legged or in an unnatural position for too long.

Sleep Support

pelvicpainphotoSleeping on your left side, as most pregnancy advice books suggest, puts pressure on your hips and can throw your back out of alignment. My absolute favorite solution to this problem is my Snoogle. It’s a specially designed body pillow with strategic curves for total body support. It’s seriously the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever had and I could not sleep without it! Amazon has the best price, and plenty of pretty covers to go with the Snoogle.

Support Belts

I’ve tried many pregnancy support belts, but would only suggest the following two for pelvic pain:

pelvicpainphotoThis elastic pregnancy support belt works in a few ways. First, it helps to lift the belly, which relieves the pressure placed on the pelvis, and it also helps with back pain. Second, it fits tightly around the hips to help keep them in better alignment.
Bonus: wear it over your full panel maternity pants to keep those darn things up!

Your growing baby puts a lot of pressure on the pelvis. Add the extra blood flow, the tendency to swell, and the extra sensitivity in your hoo-ha (especially after some intimate shenanigans), you’re probably walking around feeling like everything is going to fall out. You could stick an ice pack in your panties and try to stay seated, but there’s a much better solution!

pelvicpainphoto4Presenting the It’s You Babe V2 Supporter. It’s like a jock-strap for women! The pelvic support strap is nicely padded and fits snugly, which for me provides immediate relief when things are extra sensitive down there. I can stand and work in the kitchen without grimacing constantly, and almost stop glaring at my husband for putting me in this predicament. The undercarriage straps can be tightened to customize the support. Do be sure to order the correct size, there is a size chart provided for your convenience.

Things to remember

The advice I’m giving here is based on my on unique experiences with pelvic pain while pregnant. As I am smack in the middle of my 6th pregnancy you can trust my advice on the subject. However, I am not a doctor! If you are experiencing pelvic pain while pregnant, always check in with your doctor to be sure there aren’t any other concerns.

Do you have solutions to this problem that worked well for you? I’d love to hear about your experiences, please leave a comment!

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