Repair a Stuffed Animal – AKA Dr. Mommy!

repair a stuffed animalMeet Bear! Bear is the reason I had to learn how to repair a stuffed animal. He’s been with our family since my oldest, Doug, was born in 2008! Throughout that time, he’s been on countless family trips, dragged to preschool, lost several times, and loved so hard he’s endured many trips through the wash, lots of stitches, and one nose job.

Bear is actually two bears, the Big Bear and Baby Bear. I’ve reattached Baby Bear so many times I’ve lost count, but finally found a lasting solution by using fishing line, or nylon thread, to stitch him securely.

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Can Boys Like Pink?

can boys like pinkCan boys like pink? My short answer is “yes”, but there really is a lot more to this story. I encourage my own kids to like and be interested in whatever they want, regardless of what others may say. Colors, toys, clothes… I want to raise them to believe that the genders are equal and that personal preference should always trump the opinions of others.

Teaching them this can be an uphill battle, with outside influences affecting their sweet little growing brains. With these challenges, how am I teaching my boys that “liking pink” is okay?

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Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

jobs for stay at home momsAre you a professional mother looking for a way to bring in some income? There are plenty of jobs for stay at home moms that can be done online, but legitimate ones can be hard to find. Simply typing the words “jobs for stay at home moms” into a search engine provides millions of results and tons of ads. How can one person sift through the endless selection presented to them without falling victim to scams? Continue reading

My Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate

honest review of wealthy affiliateThank you for your interest in my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate! Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate marketing training community where you can learn how to start your own blog and online business. The training you will receive at Wealthy Affiliate  goes WAY beyond what you would find in a training e-book or video.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with all the tools you need to succeed! The steps to success are laid out for you in the form of step-by-step courses, extra tutorials, live video training, and special classrooms where you can post questions and answers. There’s also a live chat option for when you need immediate assistance or just want to meet some great people. Continue reading

DIY Family Charging Station

DIY Family Charging StationI am so proud of my latest project, a DIY family charging station! Christmas has come and gone, and four of my boys received a new handheld gaming system from Santa this year, adding to our already large collection of charging cords. There’s a tangle of chargers next to the sofa, another bundle on the kitchen counter, and probably a few laying lost under the small mountain of new toys in our family room.

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